Remote IT Services

Your computer, or software, is acting up. Instead of calling a technician out and waiting even longer to get your system back to normal, you can use our remote IT services to have the problem fixed in a fraction of the time. We can remotely connect to the troubled systems, making it easier for Petry Computer Services to fix your issue with ease and speed.

When you use PCS remote IT services you get the following benefits:

  • After hours support – PCS can fix many issues via remote access, with minimal disruption to regular activities, and when necessary make the needed changes or repairs after hours.
  • No minimum service charge – When PCS fixes your problems remotely, you only pay for the time you need, a 15 minute fix is a 15 minute charge. On-site support has a minimum service call of 45 minutes.
  • Faster service – When you need an on-site service call it must be scheduled, most often a few days in advance. Using PCS remote IT services allows problems to be resolved quickly, frequently same day service is possible.

Petry Computer Services can help your business flourish. Sign up with PCS remote IT services, available to clients throughout the United States.